Cyclone VSoCrates II

SoCrates II

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SoCrates II is the second Edtion of our SoC-FPGA Starterboard. The feature set was Extended by a high-speed connector for the Gigabit Transceivers and a NXp security device. Addtionally we removed the parallel USB-Blaster II Interface and used these Pins as additional GPIOs. The Gigabit Ethernet Phy was changed to a Broadcom phy and the USB / UART converter was changed to a Cypress device. We moved the memory Interface from one 32bit device to two 16bit devices.

The comes with a preprogrammed SD-Card - including a Debian distribution.

The Board Installer is available in the download Area.



  • 5CSXFC6C6U23C7N
    • 110K LEs
    • 112 DSP Blocks
    • 5.4Mbit RAM
    • 6 3.125Gbps Transceiver
    • HPS
  • EPCQ256 Configuration Device
  • 1Gbyte x32 DDR3 Memory
  • µSD Card Slot
  • Real-Time Clock
  • BCM54612 1Gbit Phy
  • USB 2.0 Transceiver
  • UART / USB Converter
  • CAN Transceiver
  • GPIOs
  • LVDS Interface
  • LVDS TFT Interface
  • 11 User LEDs
  • 8-Dip-Switch
  • Navigation Key
  • Embedded USB-Blaster II
  • On Board 1.1V / 1.35V / 1.8V / 2.5V / 3.3V power Supply 


Ref Designs :

  • Linux BSP / Golden Top
  • TFT Ref design with Linux Support
  • NIOS II with DDR3 Access