Cyclone III


DBM3Cxx board is available in four different versions:

  • DBM3C16 (based on EP3C16C7N) Price: 210.00 € (incl. VAT: 249,90 €)
  • DBM3C40 (based on EP3C40C7N) Price: 220.00 € (incl. VAT: 261,80 €)
  • DBM3C55 (based on EP3C55C7N) Prices on request
  • DBM3C80 (based on EP3C80C7N) Prices on request
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The DBM2_3Cxx Board is available in two variants differing in the complexity of the FPGA. Both boards are equipped with a Cyclone III FPGA with fastest speedgrade, 64Mbyte DDR2 x8 @ 200MHz, 64Mbyte DDR2 x32 @ 200MHz, 32Mbyte Flash, 32Mbit donfiguration device, 64Kbit EEPROM and Gigabit Ethernet Phy.

The Board is available with 40KLE and 55KLE:

  • DBM2_3C40C6 Price: 231,00 € (incl. VAT: 274,89 €)
  • DBM2_3C55C6 Price: 374,00 € (incl. VAT: 445,06 €)
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