Cyclone IVDBC4CE55


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The DBC4CE55 Cyclone IV Development Board is the 3. Generation of Development Boards optimized for industrial applications. The Altera Cylcone IV FPGA EP4CE55 with 55K LEs provide the flexibility and performance for a hole range of applications. The board is equipped with 16MByte SDRAM, 8MBbyte of Flash, 64MBit configuration device and 1MByte SRAM. For communication tasks 1 RS232, 4 RS485 and 2 CAN Transceivers are available. Two 10/100Mbit industrial Ethernet Phys are available for Ethernet based communication. A sixteen bit wide 24V I/O Port can be used to connect the DBC4CE55 Board directly with industrial control systems. 2 LVDS ports, available on RJ45 jacks, can be used for high-speed board communication. The TFT Interface, LVDS based and the navigation key can be used for visualization tasks. A Touch Screen controller is connected via SPI. Additionally 32 3.3V I/O Ports can be used for custom purpose.

Together with KW-Software an IEC61131 programming software is available for the DBC4CE55 Board. Several Ethernet based reference designs and a standard reference designs are delivered with the board. A LVDS Based TFT Panel can be connected to the Board for visualization tasks. A TFT Controler Reference Design and a Graphic Library is available on request.

Features :

  •     EP4CE55F23C7N
  •     EPCS64 Configuration Device
  •     Dual DB83640 10/100Mbit/s IEEE1588 Ethernet Phy
  •     16Mbyte SDRAM
  •     8Mbyte Flash S29GL064N90TFI06
  •     1MByte SRAM
  •     16Kbit EEPROM
  •     Atmel CryptoMemory
  •     LM74 I²CTemperatur Sensor
  •     1 RS232 Transceiver
  •     4 RS485 Transceiver
  •     2 CAN Transceiver
  •     USB OTG Phy
  •     32 I/O Pins
  •     16 24V I/O Pins
  •     8 User LEDs
  •     4 Taster
  •     Navigation Switch
  •     TFT Interface LVDS (3+1)
  •     Touch Screen Controller
  •     LVDS Interface
  •     JTAG Interface for Altera programming adapter
  •     1.2V Core Power Supply
  •     dimension : 105mm x 100mm

Ref Designs :

  •     Gigabit Ethernet MAC IFI GMACII
  •     Gigabit Ethernet MAC ALSE GEDEK
  •     10/100 Ethernet MAC MACO 5-in-1-Package

contents :

  •     DBC4CE55 Evalboard
  •     90V - 240V Wall Plug Power with international Plugs
  •     documentation and schematic


  • DBC4CE55 | Price: 579.00 € (incl. VAT: 689.01 €)
  • DBC4CE55/USBB | Price: 631.00 € (incl. VAT: 750.89 €)
  • DBC4CE55NIOS-USBB | Price: 725.00 € (incl. VAT: 862.75 €)