Cyclone VDBM-SoC1-Base1


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The DBM-SoC-Base1 is an example baseboard for the DBM-SoC1 module. This baseboard provides a possible setup for the HPS peripherals like Gigabit Ethernet Phy, USB-Phy, RS232 port and all other available signals on 2.54mm pinheader. A USB-Blaster II is implemented on the board for high-speed FPGA programming. The Base board can be powered from 7.5V upto 24V - generating all required voltages for the peripherals and the module.

Customized versions are available on request.




  • Gigabit Ethernet Phy
  • USB-OTG Phy
  • UART / USB converter
  • USB-Blaster II
  • Pin Header for FPGA signals
  • Pin Header for HPS signals
  • Power Supply
  • Dimension: 100x147mm



  • 299.00 € (incl. VAT: 355.81 €)