Cyclone VDBM-SoC2


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The DBM-SoC2 is a cost optimized Version of the DBM-SoC1 - with additional Gigabit Ethernet PHY and USB- OTG Phy on the module. The So-DIMM 200 form factor allows the use of low priced connectors for the base board. The module can be equipped with the A2 and A4 Altera SoC devices - respective 25KLE and 40KLE. Beside the Cyclone V SoC FPGA 1Gbyte DDR3 Memory, 4-64Gbyte e.mmc flash, 256Mbit QSPI configuration flash, a Gigabit Ethernet Phy, an USB OTG Interface and a Real-Time-Clock are implemented on the module. 122 FPGA signals are available on the SO-DIMM connector as well as 40 spare HPS signals which are connected to an additional low profile pin header on the bootom side of the module. The module requires a 5V power supply and generates all required voltage rails on the module with Enpirion Power Soc devices. Instead of the e.mmc flash the modules can be ordered with a SDCard Slot.


For first tests a respective baseboard is available:





  • A2:5CSEBA2U23C7N
    • 25KLE, 36 DSP Blöcke, 1.4Mbit RAM
  • A4:5CSEBA4U23C7N
    • 40KLE, 84 DSP Blöcke, 2.6Mbit RAM
  • Dual 800 MHz Cortex A9 Cores
  • HPS-Peripherals
  • 1 Gbyte DDR3-memory
  • 256 Mbit configuration Device
  • 4 Gbyte emmc flash
  • optional SDCard slot
  • BCM54612 Gigabit Ethernet Phy
  • TUSB1210 USB OTG Phy
  • IDT programmable clock generation
  • Real Time Clock
  • 30 HPS Pins
  • 122 FGA Pins
  • On Board 1.1V / 1.35V / 2.5V / 3.3V
  • dimension: 40x67.7mm


Ref Designs:


  • Linux BSP / Golden Hardware Reference Design




  • DBM-SoC2-A2: Price: 179,00 € (incl. VAT: 213,01 €)
  • DBM-SoC2-A2-SD: Price: 179,00 € (incl. VAT: 213,01 €)
  • DBM-SoC2-A4: Price: 199,00 € (incl. VAT: 236,81 €)
  • DBM-SoC2-A4-SD: Price: 199,00 € (incl. VAT: 236,81 €)

volume pricing, different speedgrades or temperature ranges on request. as well as customized versions of the module.