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  • 3-Level Inverter Reference Design
  • Driven by products from the fields of renewable energies and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), different manufacturers of power electronics components now offer IGBT modules that completely integrates a three-level phase. Three-level topologies have been standard for power in the MW field for many years. The main reason behind this is the much lower electrical strength that the power electronic switches must exhibit.
  • The other positive features of the three-level inverters are welcome but not of decisive importance. This is currently changing in the field of kW. In many applications, the use of a three-level topology is now often more cost-effective:
  •  Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  •  Inverters with high output frequencies (e.g. spindle drives)
  •  Extremely dynamic servo drives with high clock frequencies for rapid regulation
  •  Inverters for network supply (e.g. renewable energies, regenerative industrial inverters or battery management systems for smart grid applications
  • The franchise partners for this reference design are: Altera® Corporation, Avago Technologies and Infineon. The FalconEye 3-Level provides a 3-level modulator that can be used in conjunction with an existing µC / DSP or as a complete control solution inside the FPGA. The 3-Level modulator is built in VHDL, the control algorithm is based on Nios® II.