Application KitsSemikron 3Level Adapter

Semikron 3Level Adapter

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The Semikron 3Level Adapter provides the Interface between the Semikron 3Level SKiip 28MLI07E3V1 Evaluation Inverter and the DBC5CEFA7 or Altera INK FPGA boards. The Adapter provides the Signal conditioning to the 12V Inverter Level and eight analog Inputs for voltage, current and temperature measurement.

A respective reference design is available from EBV Elektronik.



  • 5V Driver for PWM signals

  • Sigma Delta - ADC for voltage, current and temperuature measurement

  • 12V Input signal conditioning

  • 24V power supply

  • Ribbon cable connector to inverter

  • pin Header for FPGA board

  • Dimension: 80 x 100mm



  • 299,00 € (incl. VAT 355,81 €)