Application KitsFalconEye-Hunter-HSMC


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Falconeye-HSMC provides a Power stage for 1KW 400V BLDC Motors fitting to Altera FPGA Development Kits with HSMC connector. The Kit contains a Power Stage, 500W BLDC Motor with EnDat 2.2 Encoder, Interface Card with HSMC connector and Housing. The Falconeye-HSMC fits directly to various Altera Cyclone V Development Boards:

  • Cyclone V E FPGA Board
  • Cyclone V SoC Development Board
  • MAX10 FPGA Development Board



  • 110 – 220V Power Supply

  • Power Factor Correction Circuit

  • 3 Phase IGBT Module with IGBT Drivers with galvanic isolation
  • Current Measurement using Shunt technology and SD-Current Measurement base on Avago ACPL-798 SD-modulators with LVDS interface
  • DC-Link Voltage Measurement
  • Interface Board with HSMC connector
  • Endat 2.2 Interface
  • Kollmorgen AKM31C Motor



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  • 1250,00 € (inkl. MwSt. 1487,50 €)